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Creative solutions, no argument.

The old strawman argument says that “if you want excellent creative, strategy, branding, build or production, you need a London agency”.

Times have changed, and now some of the finest talent in the country is available outside of the capital.

Because of our unique network of partners, Strawman Creative is able to bring some of the country’s best practitioners to clients nationwide. The best in creative, strategy, development, production and build, all in one place, and all at a price that makes sense.







Mostly what we do is think differently.

Although our Creative is 100% organic and free range, we still don’t recommend that you try and eat it. But, if you want ideas that’ll set people’s trousers on fire, or even just a quality of execution that you simply can’t get from the battery farmed creatives at other agencies, why not have a look at what we offer.
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We are a bit more serious than the duck-obsessed creatives in the next office. We know how radically the markets, and the ways in which people buy, have changed in the last few years. Our experts can give you the tools and approach required to move with the times and maintain that vital competitive edge.
Mobile data means that the internet can neither be ignored nor avoided in our daily lives, much like the ducks on this website. When you combine the creative, marketing and production expertise of Strawman, you will see websites and apps that are beautiful, functional and effective on any platform and for any purpose.
Our film, music and sound production team have worked with some of the biggest in the industry on projects ranging from corporate films for global brands, to award winning television programmes for Sky and Channel 4. We’re happy to tailor a project to your budget, so if you’d like to see a new level of quality, check out what we do.
The Strawmen

Strawman is made up of people who have worked at the top their respective industries, for the biggest clients and agencies in the world. Our directors are trusted by the board members of FTSE 100 companies and have had their work recognised by the most prestigious institutions across the globe.
If you’re tired of seeing the same old solutions, and if you’re fed up with campaigns or strategies that don’t get your audience excited or just don’t work, then it might be time to get in touch. Also, we like ducks. But we’re guessing you probably got that by now.

David Acton

Marketing and Sales


Jon Groom

Creative Director


Amos Zamorski



Alan Mowat

Finance & Accounting


Rob Harrison



Mat Sunderland

Head of Production


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We always like to hear from new people, so if you’ve got any questions at all, want to pick our brains about something or just like having really long conversations about water fowl, why not send us an email or give us a call. We don’t do pressure selling, and getting in touch with us is not an automatic contract. We’re interested in long term relationships with clients. Although we should probably be careful how we say that in the future.

Comments or questions are welcome.

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