We have an interesting and eclectic mix of items for the home.

  • Candles and Diffusers

We have a handful of different scented H-works candles and room diffusers that have been custom made for us by a master perfumer.

From the citrus tones of the Mediterranean and the heady floral tones of warm summer nights to the scent of open fire and Tuscan leather in the winter our range is fast becoming a must have accessory

  • Cardboard

These quirky items have become a popular hit in the shop. They are fun to put together and come in two sizes – medium and large.

  • CaRRol BoYeS

We are pleased to have been chosen as a stockist for Carrol Boyes. Her work is inspired by all things African bringing unique sculptures, styled and crafted in a fusion of metals, to use, grace and adorn your home, dinner table and surroundings.

  • MAKE International

Keith Brymer-Jones’ range of stylish white ceramics with a twist are consistently popular. Each porcelain piece features a coloured word imprint recalling retro typewriter font, while the cosy yet modern shapes give a country feel with urban aesthetic.


CaRRol BoYeS